The Regional Project Monitoring Committee (RPMC) composed of NEDA, DILG and PPDO Palawan conducted monitoring of Yolanda projects in Coron, Palawan on 26-29 November 2015. Monitored were Yolanda funded projects such as: the proposed housing locations; coliseum; public market; and water impounding system. The team also conducted focused group discussion (FGD) with the beneficiaries provided with AHON boats from BFAR livelihood project and the Brgy. Borac beneficiaries of various government assistance.

The proposed housing for those affected by typhoon Yolanda is through the partnership of National Housing Authority (NHA) and the Provincial Government of Palawan. The team visited the proposed housing sites and recommended to the representatives of NHA and the PG of Palawan to facilitate the acquisition and development of the land. The funds provided by DILG for the repair of Coron coliseum and for the renovation of public market were not enough to fully accomplish the target works. Completion of the facilities would require the Municipal Government to put up counterpart funds sourced through loans.

 The beneficiaries of six (6) AHON boats in Brgy. Tagumpay were informed on the need to register with the LGU. The team recommended BFAR to assist the fishermen on the registration of their boats and the provision of livelihood to complement the project. 

Among the hardly hit by typhoon Yolanda, Brgy. Borac was also visited by the team. The government provided seeds, housing and cash assistance to the beneficiaries.  Issues on the timing and identification of beneficiaries were raised during the dialogue. The team recommended the need to verify the timely provision of assistance on emergency situations such as typhoon Yolanda. Also raised during the dialogue is the burden of the farmers on the increase of NIA irrigation fees. According to them, the system is not efficient and does not serve its purpose.

The field monitoring activity provided the beneficiaries an avenue to vent issues on the delivery of government assistance after typhoon Yolanda. It also served as ground level assessment of Yolanda implemented projects in Coron, Palawan.