The on-going rehabilitation and improvement of Anahao-Malilico-Balatucan provincial road

Six months in its implementation, the “Rehabilitation and Improvement of Anahao-Malilico-Balacutan Provincial Road” is now 25% completed. Started in March 11, 2016, its completion is expected within 420 calendar days or until May 4, 2017.

With a cost of P109,609,484.68, the 4.589 kilometer road project passes through Barangay Balatucan in Ferrol to the Municipality of Looc. It is designed as an all-weather and climate-proof concrete road project of national standard at 23 cm. (9 inches) thick and 6.2 meters width.

This project aims to modernize the transport sector support system in Tablas Island, specifically in the municipalities of Looc, Odiongan, Ferrol and other adjacent areas, in order to provide support facilities to emerging businesses, industries, government services and facilities.

With the leadership of Governor Eduardo C. Firmalo, the Provincial Government of Romblon was able to avail this kind of project under the Provincial Road Network Development Program. The scheme of funding and implementation is most advantageous to the province and the Romblomanons. This is because the national government through the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) shoulders 90% of the project cost at P100.96 million, while PGR provides only 10% counterpart fund at P11.3 million.

More priority projects of this scheme of implementation and funding are on the drawing board. These include other portions of the Anahao-Balatucan road, the Odiongan-Candayung road, and the Romblon-Cajimos-Sabang road.

By: Willard Mortos Sr., PPDO Romblon