The Regional Gender and Development Committee (RGADC) MIMAROPA tackled its planned activities for calendar year (CY) 2022 during its first quarter meeting held through video conference on February 9.

The NEDA Regional Office (NRO) MIMAROPA, which serves as the RGADC secretariat, presented the committee’s proposed work program for CY 2022 anchored on the RGADC MIMAROPA’s Strategic Plan 2020-2025. The strategic plan contains the committee’s vision and mission for the region, challenges in fulfilling the functions as the regional arm in mainstreaming GAD in the region, and the annual priority activities to be implemented.

RGADC  approved and adopted the CY 2022 work program, which covers the following 13 activities: (a) mapping/profiling of established GAD mechanisms in the region and inventory of GAD policies; (b) orientation on GAD policies and mandates; (c) levelling session(s) on the establishment of GAD enabling mechanisms; (d) MIMAROPA Regional Pool of GAD Resource Persons (RPGRP) certification activities; (e) regional Women’s Month celebration; (f) executive briefing on GAD; (g) 18-day campaign to end violence against women; (h) mapping of mainstreamed manual/learning materials of oversight agencies in region; (i) identification of regional GAD indicators and collection/gathering of regional sex-disaggregated data and GAD-related information; (j) partnership assessment meeting and crafting of RGADC-PCW partnership agreement for 2023-2025; (K) updating of GAD corner; (l) provision of technical assistance on GAD planning and budgeting formulation and other GAD-related concerns; and (m) conduct of quarterly committee meetings.

The roles of the committee, its secretariat, and the technical working group (TWG) including  the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) were highlighted in the implementation of each planned activity. 

The meeting was presided over RGADC Chairperson  Shiela Tapia of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) MIMAROPA. DSWD MIMAROPA Regional Director (RD) Fernando R. De Villa, Jr., meanwhile, through a recorded message, thanked the members for their continuous support to the RGADC and recognized their contributions in the accomplishments of the committee relative to its Strategic Plan 2020-2025. 

Assistant RD  Bernardino A. Atienza, Jr., who represented Regional Development Council Vice-Chairperson and NRO  MIMAROPA RD  Agustin C. Mendoza, highlighted in his message three important milestones that  RGADC has reached. These are the formulation of the strategic plan, creation of RGADC TWG, and the remarkable capacity of the RGADC secretariat to support and provide guidance in the planned activities of the committee.

RGADC Co-Chairperson Juveyn V. Gumal-in, meanwhile, hailed the development of the GAD mainstreaming framework for the indigenous cultural communities and indigenous peoples as one of the important accomplishments of the committee.

​​​​​​​Others topics discussed during the meeting were the updates on the administration of the GAD mechanisms profiling and inventory of GAD policies form developed by the RGADC, updates on the call for applications for the MIMAROPA RPGRP,  2021 RGADC accomplishment report, summary of attendance to 2021 RGADC meetings, and PCW guidelines for 2022 National Women’s Month celebration.