PSR convention

RDC 4-B sent five (5) out of its eleven (11) Private Sector Representatives (PSRs) to participate in the 5th National Convention. The National Convention of RDC-PSRs, themed “PSRs: RDCs’ Crucial Partners in the Pursuit of Inclusive Growth and Job Creation,” was held on August 13-15 in Iloilo City to strengthen the role of the PSRs in the RDC.

The PSRs of fifteen (15) regions actively participated in the workshop sessions and made agreements on common regional issues that will be prioritized as agenda items in the RDC.

RDC-PSRs signed the Manifesto of Support to the Updated Philippine Development Plan 2011-2016 and Updated Regional Development Plan 2011-2016 and agreed to adopt and commit to implement the agreements reached as written in the Convention Resolution.