The Regional Development Council (RDC) MIMAROPA conducted a regional consultation on the formulation of the MIMAROPA Regional Development Plan (RDP) 2023-2028 on November 3 and 4, in Manila to generate stakeholder inputs and discuss other regional issues.

The consultation was participated in by various stakeholders from the private sector, academia, local government, and government agencies.

In his opening remarks, RDC MIMAROPA Chairperson and Romblon Governor Jose R. Riano underscored the Plan’s goal of creating new jobs and ending poverty while still addressing the adverse effects of COVID-19 pandemic. He highlighted the need to attain full recovery and go back to the region’s original growth trajectory that was disrupted by the pandemic.

Riano also expressed his gratitude to the President for his reappointment as RDC MIMAROPA chairperson for the term 2023-2025.

During the first plenary session, RDC MIMAROPA Vice Chairperson and Regional Director (RD) Agustin C. Mendoza of the NEDA Regional Office (NRO)  in MIMAROPA presented the salient features of the MIMAROPA RDP 2023-2028 including headline indicators, hierarchy of settlements, interconnectivity framework, vulnerability reduction, and the proposed regional spatial strategy.

Mendoza passionately shared the regional headline targets and some strategic infrastructure projects that will drive the region’s economy to its original growth track.

Meanwhile, EnP. Sheryll B. Sarabia and Mr. Angelo Paolo Aboboto of the Policy Formulation and Planning Division (PFPD) presented the consultation mechanics. The simultaneous breakout sessions consisted of brief presentation by the Secretariat, discussion of panelists, and workshop proper.

The participants proceeded to their assigned groups per regional planning committee or RDC Sectoral Committee – Development Administration Committee (DAC), Social Development Committee (SDC), Infrastructure Development Committee (IDC), and Economic Development Committee (EDC).

RDC MIMAROPA Secretary Apollo Edwin S. Pagano of NRO MIMAROPA  facilitated the open forum during the second plenary session. The participants were given the opportunity to raise their questions, inputs, and concerns in relation to the RDP chapters and sub-chapters.

Newly appointed RDC MIMAROPA Co-Chairperson and Private Sector Representative Rev. Fr. Arvin Anthony J. Madla concluded the regional consultation by congratulating the participants for their active participation and commitment towards the completion of the MIMAROPA RDP 2023-2028. He emphasized the importance of a whole of society approach in facing the challenges that will lead the region to progress and development. He also expressed his high hopes of realizing a matatag, maginhawa, panatag na buhay for every MIMAROPAn.