I will work towards peace through my own goals and

initiatives, starting with my thoughts and actions.

I will promote a culture of non-violence in my daily

life and contribute in developing

a progressive country.

I will contribute in building a better future for

Filipinos and I promise to do my best to achieve these

goals through peaceful means.

I pledge to support peace in every way possible for I

am and will always be a Filipino for a just

and lasting peace.

I am a Filipino and I am for peace.



O Lord, I cry for Peace. Purify my eyes to see peace.

Purify my mind to understand peace

Purify my heart to love peace. Purify my memory to work for peace;

The Peace that comes from your love and compassion.

O Lord, sustain my vision of peace following your inspiration.

You have many ways of revealing your presence and love for humanity,

But your style is constant: You are in dialogue with all, You care for all.

Make Me, O Lord, a sign of your peace,

Living a life-in-dialogue with you to understand your silence and seek your presence.

In dialogue with myself to rediscover the meaning of my life.

In dialogue with others to move together in harmony with all.

And in dialogue with creation to care for the earth.

Give me, O Lord, the courage to live in dialogue

In the midst of divisions and conflicts and to build peace with all people

Of sincere hearts who believe in your love and compassion.


Note: the Harmony Prayer is a universal prayer for people of different religions. The prayer was composed of the Silsilah Dialogue Movement. The use of the word “Lord” referring to the “Lord of the Universe” in the prayer is a universal attribute for God/Allah/Divine/Supreme Being as the religions in the world use in their prayers.