Following the draft Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) – National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) joint Memorandum Circular (JMC) on the localization of the Philippine Development Plan (PDP) 2017-2022 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the DILG MIMAROPA conducted a provincial orientation and workshop on the formulation of provincial Results Matrices (RMs) on October 15-19, 2018 in Angeles City, Pampanga.

The activity was participated in by DILG regional/provincial/city representatives and focal persons, Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) regional/provincial representatives, provincial/city planning and development coordinators, and other provincial sectoral representatives. It aimed to: determine the applicable provincial and city level indicators, baselines, and targets based on the established regional RMs and in accordance with the respective local development plans; and assess the contribution of cities and provinces in the attainment of the PDP/RDP targeted priorities and outcomes and consequently achievement of the PDP/RDP.


In his welcome remarks, DILG MIMAROPA Assistant Regional Director (RD) Ariel O. Iglesia emphasized the importance of coordination to ensure effective and efficient implementation of plans, programs, projects, and activities in the region.

Meanwhile, NEDA Assistant Secretary Mercedita A. Sombilla delivered a message and presented the PDP 2017-2022. In her message, she encouraged the provinces to engage the proponent cities and municipalities in getiing their commitments towards the attainment of the PDP and SDG targets. She emphasized that the outputs of the workshop will provide the subnational context of the country’s commitment under the 2030 Agenda for SDGs. She added that during the updating of the PDP and RDPs in 2019, the local RMs will serve as key references to ensure that the needed local interventions are integrated and included in the plans.

PSA MIMAROPA RD Leni R. Rioflorido also delivered a message highlighting PSA’s task to monitor the SDG and regional core indicators. She said that PSA supports the endeavor to locallize the PDP and SDG indicators to endure alignment of the local targets with the national and regional targets.

NEDA MIMAROPA OIC-RD Susan A. Sumbeling, on the other hand, briefed the participants on the 2017 economic performance of the region. She also presented the MIMAROPA RDP 2017-2022 and summary of RMs by chapter hoping that all indicators with provincial disaggregation will be reflected in the provincial RMs.

Other presentations included the following: a) strategy on the localization of PDP 2017-2022; b) localization of SDG indicators; c) SDG indicators with provincial disaggregation; and d) monitoring of SDGs at the local level through community based monitoring system.

Meanwhile, a three-day intensive workshop on the formulation of provincial RMs was facilitated by the Policy Formulation and Planning Division of NEDA MIMAROPA headed by Ms. Sheryll B. Sarabia. The participants were provided with modified provincial RM templates that included: the PDPFP, Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) chapters; all RDP RM indicators by chapter including baselines and targets of indicators with provincial disaggregation; and identified SDG and core regional indicators (CoRe-Is).

The NEDA MIMAROPA facilitators preapred the modified templates prior to the workshop to ensure that all RDP RM indicators, SDG indicators, and CoRe-Is indicators are considered. The RDP RM has a total of 306 indicators, 224 of which have provincial disaggregation, 98 are SDG related, and 82 are CoRe-Is related.

Lack of baseline data was the major concern of the participatns given that most of the indicators are generated by implementing agencies that were not present during the workshop. Nonetheless, the participants committed to finish and submit the provincial RMs to DILG MIMAROPA and NEDA MIMAROPA within the schedule set in the draft DILG-NEDA JMC. The participants also affirmed their commitment to the attainment of the PDP and SDG targets by signing at the pledge wall.

In closing, DILG MIMAROPA RD Florida M. Dijan underscored the roles, responsibilities, and commitment of the provinces in conducting future field/local level activities programmed for the localization of PDP and SDGs. She emphasized that coordination is the key to make MIMAROPA the “Destination of Choice” where no one is left behind.