The NEDA Regional Office MIMAROPA conducted a two-day webinar titled “Engineering for Non-Engineers Webinar on Building Construction” on November 24-25 through Zoom video conference. The capacity-building activity, requested by the Marinduque State College (MSC) for their Project Management Committee, is a rerun of the second session of a three-part series of engineering for non-engineers trainings.

​​​​​​​Regional Director (RD) Agustin C. Mendoza of the NEDA Regional Office (NRO) in MIMAROPA welcomed the MSC participants to the webinar and expressed his gratitude for partnering with NRO MIMAROPA to strengthen the monitoring and evaluation capability of their Project Management Committee.

He also reiterated that the webinar series was initiated because of the need to acquire substantial familiarity or technical knowledge for members and staff of the local project monitoring committees on engineering or structural aspects of building construction.

Mendoza underscored the overall goal of the training, which is to provide the MSC project management committee members on the technical aspects of building construction, which is deemed the common infrastructure projects of the institution.

The training equipped participants with additional knowledge on the basic concepts and terminologies related to building construction, including gender mainstreaming efforts, relevant laws and applicable codes, appropriate materials, equipment used, construction safety, and ways in identifying erroneous practices in building construction.

Participants were also provided with the know-how on the stages, requirements, and methods of constructing a building.

Mr. Roy Dimayuga, Engr. Amalia S. Tuppil, and Engr. Francis Bayani M. de Guzman of the Project Monitoring and Evaluation Division served as the resource speakers for the virtual training. The topics included Gender Mainstreaming in Project Implementation, Management, Monitoring and Evaluation (PIMME) and Relevant Laws and Applicable Codes, Construction Safety, Equipment used in Building Construction, Materials, Building Construction Activities, and Erroneous Practices in Building Construction.

A total of 24 persons, consisting of 15 men and nine women, comprised the training participants from MSC and  several staff from NRO  MIMAROPA.

MSC President Dr. Diosdado P. Zulueta expressed gratitude to NRO  MIMAROPA for granting their request to facilitate the webinar on building construction. He also thanked the resource persons for providing the crucial knowledge on the basics of engineering, construction safety, equipment, materials, and other engineering works. He further remarked that the MSC fully supports all of NEDA’s endeavors and appreciate its role as a catalyst for development.

NRO MIMAROPA ARD  Bernadino A. Atienza, Jr., in his closing remarks, underscored the lessons drawn from the knowledge and experiences of the resource persons   and  from  inputs of other participants. He said that the acquired knowledge will make the participants to be more vigilant towards good governance, to ensure government’s meager resources will not go to waste. He said that conducting proper monitoring will guarantee that buildings will be constructed with utmost regard on quality, on cost, and on schedule.

Ultimately, better monitoring capacities will surely contribute to an enhanced quality of life for  all Filipino women and men, girls and boys benefiting from safe, efficient, reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable infrastructure.​