MIMAROPA Regional Development Council (RDC) Vice Chairperson and Regional Director Agustin C. Mendoza of the NEDA Regional Office (NRO) MIMAROPA  presided over the MIMAROPA RDC Special (Reorganization) Meeting last August 26 in Manila.

The special meeting was attended by Marinduque Governor Presbitero J. Velasco, Jr., Romblon Governor Jose R. Riano, directors and representatives of regional line agencies (RLAs), and local government units (LGUs). The newly elected private sector representatives (PSRs) to the RDC were also present at the meeting.

In his opening remarks, Mendoza recognized the role of PSRs as key allies in the formulation of policy and development plans, review of investment programs, and monitoring and evaluation of projects in the region. He also commended the PSRs for their commitment towards ensuring inclusive, sustainable, and attainable development in MIMAROPA.

The confirmation of the new set of MIMAROPA RDC PSRs for CY 2022-2025 was one of the highlights of the meeting.  Governor Velasco led the oath taking of the following PSRs:

A. Geographic representatives

  1. Mr. Delfin M. Natal, Jr. of Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement
  2. Rev. Fr. Arvin Anthony J. Madla of Marinduque Council for Environmental Concerns, Inc.
  3. Ms. Gemma M. Parcia of Ministries Without Borders Phils, Inc.
  4. Mr. Aristotle G. Ramos of Council for the Restoration of Filipino Values
  5. Ms. Ma. Nanette M. Geronimo of the Rotary Club of Downtown Calapan
  6. Fr. Edwin A. Gariguez of Mangyan Mission, Inc.
  7. Engr. Ana Margarita Lustre-Malijan of PCCI Puerto Princesa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc.
  8. Ms. Maria Milagros Quieng of Palawan Aid International – Kabatangan View Schools, Inc.
  9. Atty. Homelo V. Estoque of Philippine Medical Aviation Services, Inc.
  10. Mr. Raymundo D. Cometa of Roadbook Center, Inc.

B. Basic sector representative

  1. Ms. Juvelyn V. Gumal-in of Pampamayanang Mangyan Ugnayan, Inc.

  C. Labor sector representative

  1. Mr. Darius M. Guerrero of Philippine Trade and General Workers Organization

Meanwhile, RDC MIMAROPA Secretary and NRO  MIMAROPA Assistant Regional Director Apollo Edwin S. Pagano briefed the new members, particularly the newly appointed regional directors, newly elected local chief executives, and newly confirmed PSRs, highlighting the RDC structure, roles, and functions.

Social Development Committee Secretary and NRO  MIMAROPA Chief Economic Development Specialist Emerson Kim J. Lineses presented the core functions of the RDC and its Secretariat, base of operations, and standard operating procedures. He also highlighted the special provisions and privileges of the PSRs as regular members of the RDC, appointed chairperson of the Council, and officers of sectoral committees as indicated in the RDC Manual of Operations. 

Through secret balloting, the Council selected the following nominees for RDC chairperson and co-chairperson:

​​​​​​​A. Government sector

  1. Gov. Jose R. Riano of Romblon
  2. Gov. Eduardo B. Gadiano of Occidental Mindoro

B. Private sector

  1. Rev. Fr. Arvin Anthony J. Madla of Marinduque Council for Environmental Concerns, Inc.
  2. Fr. Edwin A. Gariguez of Mangyan Mission, Inc.

Finally, plaques of recognition were awarded to outgoing RDC members. Governor Riano was recognized for his exemplary leadership as the Chairperson of MIMAROPA RDC for  2019-2022. Other recipients were labor sector representative and Development Administration Committee Chairperson Guerrero, Infrastructure Development Committee (IDC) Chairperson and Marinduque Governor Velasco, Regional Gender and Development Committee Co-Chairperson Gumal-in, and IDC Co-Chairperson Natal.