Road construction is currently ongoing along the farmlands located at Barangay Dulangan I, Baco, Oriental Midoro

As a part of its infrastructure component, the Philippine Rural Development Project (PRDP) funded the 5.31 kilometer farm-to-market road in Barangays Dulangan I and Dulangan II, Baco, Oriental Mindoro worth P55,173,579.09.

Baco is one of Oriental Mindoro;s medium sized municipalities and one of its significant producers of calamansi. It is also a source of other agricultural commodities such as rice, banana, citrus, lanzones, rambutan, and mango. However, due to the inadequacy and poor condition of roads, transport costs for the delivery of goods are high and farmers are not able to fully maximize their potential to profit.

The Dulangan I and to Dulangan II road rehabilitation, covering barangays of San Ignacio, Bangkatan, Lantuyan, and Tagumpay, intends to eliminate constraints that hinder development. Funded by the World Bank, Department of Agriculture, and Provincial Government of Oriental Mindoro, this is one of PRDP’s sub-projects which aim to provide an enhanced link between agricultural production sites and market centers.

The project is an advantage for the other residents not only for businessmen and farmers. Although still unfinished, the new road has already helped them to go easily from one place to another. They now also have better means of treating emergency situations since the travel from their barangay has just become faster and safer.

PRDP has two other ongoing sub-projects in Oriental Mindoro which are part of its primary investments for the development of the calamansi trade in the province. These are the Oriental Mindoro Calamansi Trading Center in Calapan City with a Buying Station in Victoria and the Bagong Silang to Macatoc farm-to-market road also in Victoria.

By: Leira Vic Colongan, DA 4-B