Part of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) MIMAROPA’s on-going works and accomplishments were from the Marinduque district engineering office (DEO). For CY 2016 regular infrastructure, out of the 81 projects, 65 have already been completed, 17 projects are still on-going and one (1) project is currently in preliminary detailed engineering stage.

CY 2017 regular infrastructure project, on the other hand, consist of nine (9) projects under asset preservation of national roads, one (1) project under network development, two (2) projects under road upgrading (unpaved to paved), 18 projects under construction and maintenance of bridges along national roads, nine (9) projects under construction/maintenance of flood mitigation structure and drainage systems, two (2) projects under construction/improvement of access roads leading to airports, seaports, and declared tourism destinations, and 54 locally funded projects. A total of 95 projects, 29 of which are already completed, 54 projects are still on-going and 2 projects are currently in pre-construction stage.

The DPWH Marinduque DEO – Construction Section also spearheaded countless infrastructure projects throughout the province. Some of the pivotal and newly completed projects are: 1) improvement/widening of national roads – Marinduque circumferential road K0015+000 – K0016+010, Mogpog, Marinduque with a contract amount of P27 million; 2) improvement/widening of national roads – Mogpog-Balanacan port road K0013+000 – K0013+650 with a contract amount of P17.6 million; and 3) off carriageway improvement including drainage, Mogpog-Balanacan port road K0008+-1060 – K0008+-393 with a contract amount of P16.9 million.

Meanwhile, the maintenance section continually implements, monitors and holds preventive maintenance along national roads and bridges. These include the 1) rehabilitation/major repair of eighteen (18) permanent bridges, some of these are: Biglang Awa Bridge (Boac), Tawiran Bridge (Sta. Cruz), Cabuyo Bridge (Torrijos), Libtangin Bridge (Gasan) and Balanacan Bridge (Mogpog), among others, with a total allocation of P82,271,000.00 and 2) construction/maintenance  of nine (9) flood mitigation structures and drainage systems / flood control located in Balimbing, Bocboc, Cabuyo, Lapu-Lapu, Libtangin, Tapuyan, Mataas na Bayan, Malbog, and Tampus amounting to P201,800,000.00.

DPWH MIMAROPA together with the Marinduque and other DEOs have always strive hard to keep up with the times. It is always ready to serve people with continuous implementation and starting of new projects.