What are the Committees of the Council?

The major committees are the Executive Committee (EXCOM), the four Sectoral Committees, and an Advisory Committee.


What are the composition and major functions of the Executive Committee?

The EXCOM is composed of one fourth of the total Council membership to be selected by the Council all sectoral committee chairmen shall automatically become members of the Executive Committee. Its officers shall be the Council Chairman, Co-Chairman and Vice-Chairman who shall have the same position in the EXCOM.


What about the Sectoral Committees

There are four (4) sectoral committees, namely: a) the social development; b) economic development; c) infrastructure development; and d) development administration.

 The sectoral committees shall perform functions analogous to and supportive of the functions of the RDC. They shall review and endorse matters pertaining to their respective sectors to the RDC Executive Committee and/or the RDC Full Council.


Functions of the RDC Sectoral Committees

  • Review and endorse programs/projects of national government agencies and LGUs in the region to the Council requiring national government financial exposure which may come in the form of guarantees, national government budget appropriations or subsidies, among others;
  • Integrate sectoral information and statistics in the  preparation of the annual regional development report;
  • Integrate sectoral information and statistics in the preparation of the annual regional development report;
  • Assist the Council in the translation of national development goals and policies into specific regional sectoral objectives;
  • Integrate secrtoral plans and programs of local government units into regional sector plans and programs and coordinate all sectoral planning and programming activities of sectoral line agencies in the regions; and
  • Perform other related functions as may be assigned by the Council.


What is an Advisory Committee?

An Advisory Committee is created to further strengthen the coordinate and consultative mechanism in the regions. Composed of the Congressmen from the region and the members of the EXCOM of the RDC, it shall advice, assist and support the Council in discharging its function.

Membership of Congressmen is made voluntary by asking them to signify in writing their intention to join.