Photo credits: LGU Calapan City

In the midst of the continuous progression of Calapan City’s tourism industry, another new eco-tourism spot is introduced not only to cater to the Calapeños tourism scene but also to increase the economic progress of the city.

Called the Calapan City Aqua Park or Calapan Cable Park, this activity area located at Barangay Wawa, Calapan City introduces the infamous extreme sports found in other tourist destinations in the Philippines – wakeboarding.

You get to be in close contact with clean waters, nearby mangroves, and trees naturally growing around areas. The waters come from the nearby sea where the city port can be seen from afar where usual travellers of Calapan-Batangas pass through.

The park definitely envisions a place where progress, unity and discipline come together to continuously care for the environment and bringing in more investors to promote and create more varieties of activities including extreme sports in Calapan City.