RPMT monitors infra projects in Occidental Mindoro


Sablayan Penal Colony Road

The Regional Project Monitoring Team (RPMT) composed of NEDA, DBM, DILG and the PMT of Occidental Mindoro conducted field monitoring of on-going DPWH and Occidental Mindoro State Colleges (OMSC) projects in Occidental Mindoro on June 20-22. The following projects were monitored: a) Mindoro Island Circumferential Road (Abra de Ilog – Puerto Galera Section); b) Mindoro West Coastal Road (Widening-Paved); c) Construction of Amnay Flood Control Structures; d) Sablayan Penal Colony Road; e) Road leading to Mt. Iglit-Baco National Park, Calintaan, Occidental Mindoro; f) Construction of 2-storey Administration Building; g) Construction of 2-storey 12-Classroom Building; h) Construction of a single storey administration and student services building; i) Construction of 2-storey 8-classroom engineering building; j) Upgrading of Electrical Power Distribution System Lines.

All projects visited were behind schedule. Accessibility issue was reported to be the cause of delay for the Mindoro Circumferential Road. A separate section incurred a negative slippage of more than 15 per cent due to peace and order situation, delay in issuance of permit to cut trees, and issues on the relocation of electric posts. Mindoro west coast road project also have right of way problems.

Amnay flood control structures was delayed due to opposition of residents from the opposite river bank that the project may cause flooding in their area. Implementation is 10 per cent behind schedule.

Sablayan Penal Colony Road incurred a negative slippage of more than 15 per cent due to peace and order situation. A revised completion date of October 28, 2016 is still for DPWH approval.

The road leading to Mt. Iglit-Baco National Park incurred a negative slippage of more than 15 per cent due to peace and order situation and delay in issuance of permit to cut trees. Two heavy equipment of the contractor were burned by lawless elements.

OMSC attributed the delays in implementation of their projects to shortage in supply of construction materials and available manpower. OMSC requires that the contractors will adhere to the quality standards according to the plans and specifications even if it will entail delays and additional cost.

The findings on the field were reported during the RPMC meeting on August 3 with the DPWH, RPMC members and PPDOs.